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Feasting in the Dry Season

By on December 3, 2017

In a Church culture of grace, we’re great at celebrating the goodness of God. We intentionally share testimonies and live with an expectation of blessing. We sing songs like “It’s always like springtime with you,” but we seldom talk about when it’s not. So when we’re in a dry season, we’re at risk of thinking something is wrong, that we’ve somehow stepped out of the blessing of God. But what if your dry season is the exact condition needed for God’s word to be fulfilled in your life?

I’d love to live in a constant springtime. But I also know that to be light in the darkness, I have to go into darkness. To be a pioneer I have to go into uncharted territory. And to see the words fulfilled in my life I have to give them an outward focus. Even in the natural, we see that springtime is a time of coming alive, and while it’s a wonderful season it must move on because the hot, dry season is required for the seed to develop and mature. Every seed is sown with the intention of a harvest, and harvest requires a hot dry summer. It’s in the uncomfortable seasons that the words over your life are forged and tested, enabling them to reach their fulfillment.

When Jesus encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time, the Father spoke over him “This is my beloved son.” This was a “springtime” moment. The very next thing that happened was he was led into the wilderness to be tested. The enemy will always test the validity of the word spoken. “If you are God’s son?” he says. Jesus knows that his circumstances don’t determine whether or not he’s a son of God, but the fact that the Father spoke it. While the enemy sees a dry season as the perfect time to take us out, we must take the greater opportunity – to overcome him. The closer he gets, the more authority we have over him. As Jesus is able to stand firm on the word of the Father, his victory prepares him to walk out of the wilderness in power and authority. What followed was a season of fruit – signs, wonders, and miracles. He went from springtime to harvest by walking through the hot, dry, summer. And so can you.

The Bible says “He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies.” It’s so important that we recognize that God is preparing a feast for us even in the hard season. Something isn’t wrong. His blessing hasn’t been lifted from your life. If opposition comes, we still get to eat from His table, and by doing this we’re telling the enemy “I’ll not be moved by you.” Let’s be people that follow Jesus’ example and stand firm on the words the Father has spoken, knowing that our victory is forging the way for the fulfillment of the words over our lives.



Redding, CA

Ben is a husband, father, pastor and son. He spent 11 years farming in Australia before moving with his wife Jo and their three kids to Redding, California to pursue his passion for revival. He is a pastor at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and has dedicated his life to releasing the Kingdom of God in the Earth and equipping others to do the same.

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