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Are You Called to Shake the Earth?

By on June 14, 2018

I’ve had the privilege of knowing many earth-shakers. They walk through the doors of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry every day. But what I’ve also noticed is this – when they leave, they walk out hard journeys on their quest for big impact. This message is for those who are in the field, who are called to shake the earth but can feel the earth shake under them. The reason the earth is shaking is because you’re there. Including the piece you’re standing on. So how do you encourage yourself in that space?

Trust the words

You’ve had words spoken over you. You know what God has called you to do. You’ve seen what’s within you and you know how to release it around you. When you shake, don’t let doubt steal what is true. The enemy knows the prophetic destiny of the seed just like you do. But his agenda is very different. Yes, he will come close. But when he does, I challenge you to be encouraged. You’re about to get an opportunity to overcome him. I used to be a farmer, and I noticed that the birds only came to the field when the seeds were freshly planted. They were attracted by the seed, trying to snatch them up before they had a chance to take root. The enemy has the same strategy. Trust the words. Be resilient.

Stay close to your people

One of the greatest keys to walking out a big calling is the people in your life. You will need to build community wherever you are, but you may find that where you are, you just don’t fit. I see this with my students all the time. They’re the crazy, hungry ones who travelled halfway across the earth for an unaccredited course just because they were that hungry for more of God. They then leave and go back into the environments they came from and they just don’t fit anymore. You don’t need everybody to “get you.” But you do need some. Find the other crazy ones. Be chatting to them on the phone if they don’t live close to you. Let them see the deep vulnerable parts of your heart. Let them be calling you up, reminding you what it’s all for. Draw strength from each other and don’t let each other go. You will be each other’s keys to fulfilling all that’s on your life to fulfill.

You’re crazy. Never forget it.

The earth is shaking around you for one reason only – God has your full yes and your full heart. To the crazy ones, the ones who know they’re called to change the world – he’s still got you. You have sacrificed so much to see his kingdom come. Don’t stop. You have a voice that carries a different message. Whenever there is a new way being forged, opposition will come. You’re burning to see change come because you burn with a desire for him. Yes, it would be easier to turn tail and run with culture. But the crazy ones know that to fulfil the big callings we need to choose “worth it” over “easy.” Nobody can be light in the dark unless they’re in the dark. Nobody can bring hope to a hopeless situation unless they’re in a hopeless situation. And if you’re called to pioneer, God will require a journey of you that only a full yes will complete. Never settle for mediocre. Stay the course. You are the earth shakers.




Redding, CA

Ben is a husband, father, pastor and son. He spent 11 years farming in Australia before moving with his wife Jo and their three kids to Redding, California to pursue his passion for revival. He is a pastor at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and has dedicated his life to releasing the Kingdom of God in the Earth and equipping others to do the same.

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