God seems to choose the most unlikely people, and I know that I am one of those. In King David, God chose a shepherd boy to be the King of His chosen people. I grew up on a sheep farm in rural South Australia and from a young age saw visions of how God wanted to use me to release His kingdom on the earth. I was in the perfect place to develop root systems of intimate connection with God – I learnt that He was my source, and He was enough. This became the foundation on which I’ve built my life.

In 2011, my hunger for more of God led me to take a radical step of faith. My wife and I packed up our three kids and all our possessions, laid down our share in the family farming business and moved to Redding, California to attend the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Bethel Church was growing fast as a hub of revival in the world at this time, and it’s vision statement “On earth as it is in heaven” echoed the cry of my own heart.

About Ben Wilson

It was here that I came alive as I never had before. I found a group of people who were believing for the same things God had shown me as a young man, and mentors that gave me permission to trust God for what He had promised to do through my life.

God used the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry to transform my life, and I am now on staff where I have the privilege of pastoring those who share my belief that the Kingdom of God can be established on earth through their lives.

I still burn as I did as a young man for revival, and seeing His kingdom released on earth. I have dedicated my life to equip others to powerfully represent Jesus to the world, so that together we can see Him get his full reward.

On earth as it is in heaven,

Ben Wilson